Moving to Cloudytics? We got you covered. We'll move your data from your old server to Cloudytics. We make sure there's no data loss during the process and also eliminate the downtime.

Why Cloudytics

We're different. nuff' said.

SSD Drives

We offer SSD Drives on our Servers which boosts the overall performance of the server. Needless to say it reduces the risk of data loss. Its also faster and more secure than transitional HDDs.

DDoS Protected

Cloudytics offers DDoS Protection. Your server will withstand attacks of upto 10Gbps. This makes us different from other providers who suspend your website even for minor DDoS attacks

24/7 Support

We offer top-notch support and we're proud of it. Its one of our Company's core values. We try and maintain an Average Support Response time of less than an hour unless there's additional investigation required.

Instant Setup

The server are setup instantly so you can get online within hours. In case of any kind of delays due to location unavailability, we provide credit for the delay.

How it works

Its pretty simple, actually.

Introduce your Website.

Provide details about your Website like Website's URL, Current Host, Current Requirements so we can do some investigation on our end.

We contact you.

We'll then contact you regarding any further questions we might have and also to share of feedback and recommendations.

Get something to drink.

We'll proceed with the migration process. We notify you when we start the process and after the process is complete. A brief report of migration is also provided.


Frequently Asked Questions
Will my website go down during the migration?

No, we try our best to avoid any kind of downtime but whenever there's technology involved, there's always a slight chance of the unexpected things.

How long does the process take?

The migration process can take anywhere from 24-72 hours. Your billing cycle for the product only starts after the migration is complete.

Do you use an automated software of some kind for the migration?

No, as every website is setup in a different way, we use the good-old manual approach for migration.

Can we schedule a call prior to migration?

Yes, we can schedule a call as well to clear our any questions you might have. We will notify you when we start and complete the migration process via email.

Get Started

As simple as filling a form.