Cloud VPS with root access for complete control. Dedicated Resources, Instant Setup and Scalability and that's just a few of the features. Ideal for Developer, Businesses, Startups, eCommerce, Agencies and Resellers.

25 Sec
99 .99%
40 min
Avr Support
10 Gbps

SSD Drives

We offer SSD Drives on our Servers which boosts the overall performance of the server. Needless to say it reduces the risk of data loss. Its also faster and more secure than transitional HDDs.

DDoS Protected

Cloudytics offers DDoS Protection. Your server will withstand attacks of upto 10Gbps. This makes us different from other providers who suspend your website even for minor DDoS attacks

24/7 Support

We offer top-notch support and we're proud of it. Its one of our Company's core values. We try and maintain an Average Support Response time of less than an hour unless there's additional investigation required.

Instant Setup

The server are setup instantly so you can get online within hours. In case of any kind of delays due to location unavailability, we provide credit for the delay.

99.99% Uptime

We offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Its not just the word, we offer 5% credit for every 30 minutes of downtime which is pretty rare in itself.

Choose your OS

You're free to choose any Linux OS depending on your preference. We offer a variety of OS you can choose from. You also have an option of reinstalling the OS at anytime.

High Availability Network

Our network is multi-homed with 100+ Gbps connectiviity. Every node is on a 1Gbps line which directly affects the loading time of your website and makes it fast and highly available.

Become a WebHost!

Start making money with your VPS as you can setup accounts of your Clients or Customers. It also applies for design or development agency or even freelancers!

Getting Popular? Scale instantly.

You have the option of upgrading your server as and when needed. You are not limited to the resources you are allocated. Minor spikes can be handled by our infrastructure itself.

Control Panel

Managed plans come with a cPanel which makes controlling the server super simple. cPanel offers a variety of features with an easy to use Graphical Interface if you're not a command line person.


Frequently Asked Questions
How is it different from your Cloud Hosting?

Our Cloud Hosting product is more suitable for smaller websites with lesser traffic. The resources in Cloud Hosting are shared but the resources in Cloud Servers are dedicated. You also do not have the root access in Cloud Hosting but you do in Cloud Server.

Can I manage the server myself?

If you're good at Linux then yes, you can manage the server yourself. If you are not experience with Linux, we recommend you our Expert Managed plans as we take all your hassles from you.

How long does the setup take?

The setup is instant for most orders. There might however be a hold if your order gets flagged by our abuse detector. Your order then gets manually processed in 24 hours.

Is it possible to upgrade my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your server at any point of time. If you are using the Expert Managed Plan, the expert would recommend you any upgrades/downgrades you could opt for.

What is the hardware of the Host Node?

There is no specific hardware used on every node, but always keeps getting upgrades with every new node we deploy. All the processors have a benchmark score of 10k or above. They are in the E3 or E5 series. Host Nodes have memory ranging from 32GB - 128GB.

What is the Uptime Guarantee?

We offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Its not just the word, we offer 5% credit for every 30 minutes of downtime which is pretty rare in itself.=

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